Support for Affordable Access to Higher Education

Every donation to the First in Family Fund allows our programs to help deserving students throughout New York City. First in Family Fund scholarships provide children of immigrants with support in their educational journeys.

First in Family Fund scholars receive competitive tutoring and test preparation services from Kweller Prep, a leading NYC educational institution. These services complement one-on-one mentoring from established professionals and high-achieving students at leading U.S. universities.

Resources for Students

Locating funding for college is one of the primary roadblocks that many students hit on their journey to an advanced degree. The average student received over $9,500 in scholarships and grants during the 2018-2019 school year. However, there are more scholarships available than most college-bound students realize. Those scholars who know where to look can walk away with a more sizeable chunk of funding available to them.

Scholarships and grants are great funding options as they do not need to be repaid. Many students can use these gifted funds to reduce their overall reliance on loans, which do require repayment.

Consider the below sources when beginning your search for aid:

New York residents interested in attending a school in the State University of New York or City University of New York system may be eligible for free tuition through the Excelsior Scholarship program.

Resource for Donors

The gift of education can change a life. Your generous donations to the First in Family Fund provide the children of New York City’s immigrant families with support for achieving their dreams.

New York City’s school system is the country’s largest. Unlike most school systems where all students in a given geographical area go to the same high school, New York’s public schools offer several options. Students have the chance to attend one of nine specialized high schools. However, the competition to get into these schools is very steep. By receiving test preparation and audition support at Kweller Prep, First in Family Fund scholarship recipients increase their chances of getting into a specialized school.

Requires an Audition:

  • La Guardia High School

Requires SHSAT scores:

  • The Bronx High School of Science
  • The Brooklyn Latin School
  • Brooklyn Technical High School
  • High School for Mathematics, Science and Engineering at City College of New York
  • High School of American Studies at Lehman College
  • Queens High School for the Sciences at York College
  • Staten Island Technical High School
  • Stuyvesant High School

Non-specialized public high schools and their students are also in need of support. First in Family Fund donors may also be interested in supporting other educational initiatives, including:

Supporting Education in New York City

Because the First in Family Fund is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit, your generous donation is tax-deductible. Learn more about the First in Family Fund’s mission or join us for an upcoming event to support increased access to education in NYC.