The First in Family Fund Supports Affordable Access to College and Career Readiness

Every contribution to the First in Family Fund enables our programs to assist deserving students across New York City. Scholarships provided by the First in Family Fund offer crucial support to immigrant children as they pursue their educational goals.

Recipients of First in Family Fund scholarships benefit from high-quality tutoring and test preparation services offered by Kweller Prep, a reputable educational institution in NYC. These services are complemented by personalized mentoring from accomplished professionals and top-performing students at prominent U.S. universities.

Student Resources

Securing funding for college presents a significant hurdle for many students on their path to obtaining an advanced degree. While the average student receives over $9,500 in scholarships and grants per fiscal school year, numerous scholarships often go unnoticed by college-bound students. Those who are aware of these opportunities can access a substantial amount of financial aid.

Scholarships and grants are invaluable funding options as they do not require repayment, allowing students to reduce their reliance on loans that necessitate repayment.

Available Resources Include:

  • The College Board Scholarship Search
  • New York Scholarship Search
  • Sallie Mae Graduate School Scholarship Search
  • U.S. Department of Labor Career One-Stop Scholarship Search
  • New York State Grants

New York residents interested in attending institutions within the State University of New York or the City University of New York system may qualify for tuition-free education through the Excelsior Scholarship program.

Donor Resources

The gift of education has the power to transform lives. Your generous contributions to the First in Family Fund offer vital support to immigrant families in New York City, enabling their children to pursue their aspirations.

New York City boasts the largest school system in the country. Unlike many other school systems, where students in a given area attend the same high school, NYC’s public schools provide several options. Students have the opportunity to attend one of nine specialized high schools. However, competition for admission to these schools is fierce. By receiving test preparation and direct tutoring services through the First in Family Fund, scholarship recipients enhance their prospects of achieving career and college readiness.